A Hub of Research Excellence

The Manchester Ethnography Network is a centre of excellence for ethnographers of organisation. Exciting ethnographies happening in Manchester and internationally are brought together for discussion and critique in our worldclass seminar programme and collaborative projects at Alliance Manchester Business School.

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Successful Events

Our seminar program has been a tremendous success since our launch in September 2015. With world experts presenting their ethnographies to packed out sessions. Read about upcoming seminars and past events via the drop-down menu above.

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Manchester, a Home of Radical Thinking

Manchester University will be hosting the 12th International Ethnography Symposium this summer, bringing together scholars of ethnography from around the world. Keynote speakers include Bruno Latour and Bill Maurer.

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Tiago’s two cultures

The Manchester Ethnography Network was very pleased to host Tiago Moreira on Wednesday for a fascinating seminar.

He spoke about his work in a laboratory examining two different “epistemic cultures”- one based on the visual and the other on the numerical- dealing with the ways in which these get negotiated by scientists (for instance having to count cells on a microscope slide in order to produce statistical/mathematical models). These two cultures were brought together wonderfully for his audience. Thanks Tiago for a great session!

Tiago Moreira seminar

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New Money a big hit!

A big thanks to Bill Maurer and all of our expert panel at the ‘Ethnography and New Money’ day-long workshop on 14th March.

Many speakers made a long trip to be with us and we really appreciate the great response to engage in this subject matter. A plethora of fascinating questions and research stories were discussed and an interesting day was had by all. We finished at the Sandbar to celebrate!




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A Day of Ethnography and New Money

Join us at Alliance Manchester Business School on Monday 14th March for a day-long workshop of presentations and panel discussion from some of the leading authorities in the social studies of finance. Lunch included! See all the details below:

Bill Maurer poster Ethnography and New Money

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A great end to the year!

It was a fantastic finish to our seminar program of 2015 on Wednesday 9th December. Professor Daniel Neyland from Goldsmith’s University gave a fascinating presentation on the complexities of navigating between algorithmic and ethnographic accounts of an airport. His insights on deciphering a ‘politics of value’ gave us much food for thought to chew over the Christmas break! Thank you very much Daniel!


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Big thanks to Ann Cunliffe!

We’d like to say a big thankyou to our latest Guest speaker Professor Ann Cunliffe for taking the time out of her busy (jet-setting!) schedule and fitting in a visit to Manchester to speak to undergraduates and then the Manchester Ethnography Network on Friday.

There was such demand for her seminar we could hardly all fit in the room! Ann’s presentation on doing ‘participatory dialogic research’, and her new ethnographic ideas was very well received and stimulated some great discussion and thinking points for all of us.


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“They ought to tell us if we’re allowed to laugh”

Our latest featured project comes from the work of Simon Bailey, a founding member of the Ethnography Network. Simon reveals some of the drama of the experiences of having his ethnographic field notes of mental health professions turned into a stage play that was then presented back to the participants. In a unique experiment this event presented ethnography in a new way and one that reaches beyond its normal textual media, but also provided an incredibly original extension to the ways in which we might conceive fieldwork.
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Thankyou Albena!

Thankyou to our Guest speaker Albena Yaneva for her excellent discussion for the second seminar of the Manchester Ethnography Network on Wednesday

We had a great turnout for the seminar, which made for a lively and thought-provoking discussion after a fantastic presentation from Albena Yaneva on her ethnography of Birmingham New Street train station and the architects involved in it’s design and construction.

Albena Yaneva talk

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Our seminar series takes off with airport talk

A big thanks to all those who turned out to the first seminar of the Manchester Ethnography Network on Wednesday!

We had a completely full house of participants for the seminar and over-subscribed interest, which made for a lively and thought-provoking discussion after a fantastic presentation from Dr Damian O’Doherty on his ethnography of Manchester Airport. His talk precedes the launch of his much anticipated new book detailing his unique experience spending two years studying the various co-constructed spaces, lines, subjects and objects at the airport. Contact Damian directly for more information.


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